Banner Football Tactics Defense

Utilizing banner football procedures to run your barrier is a great deal simpler then utilizing banner football systems to run an offense. while making your protection two or three things to concentrate on are 1. not surrendering the enormous play and 2. pulling the banner. At the point when running a guard a straightforward arrangement is to have 2 Defensive Ends, 2 Defensive Backs, 2 Linebackers, and 2 protections.

We will start with your defensive ends first. Your defensive ends should be your top 2 athletes. Why? Because in flag football most offensive plays take time to develop. With you top 2 athletes creating havoc in the backfield your defense has already won half the battle. Have your defensive ends line up about 3 feet outside of the tackle and let them loose. Their main job is to force the offense into mistakes giving the rest of your defense a chance to capitalize on those mistakes.

Your defensive backs should be your 2 most aggressive players. Attitude is key here. Your defensive backs will be the only players in man coverage. They need to be aggressive and have speed. Your defensive backs should line up at the line of scrimmage and bump the receivers at the snap of the ball. Bumping the wide receivers serves two purposes. First , it sets the tone for the game and gives your defensive an edge with intimidation. Next it puts your defensive backs in a great position to help out and cover the run.

Your 2 linebackers should be your best flag pullers on the team. Your linebackers main job is to clean up any plays that get away from your defensive ends and backs. Your linebackers will play a zone and their zone will be each half of the field. Your linebackers main job is to protect not to attack. You should not blitz your linebackers unless you have. When you blitz your linebackers you leave half of the field open.

Your 2 safeties are your last resort. Their only job is to prevent the big play. No one should ever get deeper than your safeties. Teach your safeties to keep everything in front of them. Their main job is to protect against the big play.